Julie Tolentino, Archive in Dirt, 2019

Living cactus plant, soil, ceramic pot, ceramic saucer (California clay, soils from Derek Jarman’s Garden, Namsan, Tapgol Park) by Kang Seung Lee, dimensions variable

Photo by Kang Seung Lee​

Queer / Feminist / Praxis

Intersections of Performance, Visual Arts, and Activism
in Korea and the Korean Diaspora

April 8–23, 2021

Rhode Island School of Design

Queer/Feminist/Praxis in Korea and the Korean Diaspora brings together scholars, artists, designers, and filmmakers to explore performance, visual arts and activism revolving in and around LGBTQIA+ and feminist experiences in South Korea and the Korean diaspora.

The three-week long conference will feature panel sessions, performance and film screenings, artist’s talks, roundtable discussions, and a virtual exhibition. In facilitating trans-Pacific dialogues on the emerging discourses and praxes of queer feminism in Korean and Korean diasporic cultural production, our goal is to bridge current scholarship, activism, and cultural productions reflecting the on-going transformation of the field.

Initially planned as an in-person event at Rhode Island School of Design, the conference now invites you to reflect on what it means to perform, collaborate, and exhibit works virtually in times of pandemic. Queer/Feminist/Praxis is organized by Jung Joon Lee, Associate Professor of Art History at Rhode Island School of Design, and Yeong Ran Kim, Mellon Digital Media Fellow at Sarah Lawrence College.